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Abbreviations and acronyms

The abbr element is used for abbreviations and acronyms in HTML. An acronym is composed of the first letter of each word in a group of words. An abbreviation is a shortened version of a sentence or word. HTML is an example of this element in use. To create an abbreviation like this one, the […]

Same page navigation

Same page navigation is when a link leads to a section of the same page without reloading. It can be beneficial when a page has a lot of content as it makes for an easier and faster navigation. In this tutorial, I will use the example of a link that navigates back to the top […]

The difference between get and the in WordPress

Across WordPress’s documentation and code, you might notice some functions that are named similarly, the difference being get_ added to the function’s name. For example: the_title(); and get_the_title(); The The use of the shorter version echoes the value. For example, if one were to use the following on this page: “The difference between get and the in […]


My cat’s Youtube channel, started on December 4th, 2019. Her name is “Cacahouette”, which is French for “Peanut”. She posts a new funny video every Tuesday and Thursday. Please subscribe! You can also follow her on Twitter where she posts funny quotes and on Facebook where she posts memes. She posts cute pictures of herself […]

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