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How to install WordPress on WAMP

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to install WordPress on WAMP. Please note that before proceeding, WAMP needs to be installed and in working condition. Download WordPress First, start WAMP and navigate to it’s “www” folder. Create a new folder to contain the WordPress installation. Then, download WordPress and unzip it. Once extracted, […]

Security plugins for WordPress

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to use some security plugins for WordPress such as Loginizer Security, Sucuri Security, Site Health and BackUpWordPress. Please note that this tutorial is part of a series to help secure a WordPress blog. Some of these tips might not apply depending on the hosting environment. The following […]

The difference between get and the in WordPress

Across WordPress’s documentation and code, you might notice some functions that are named similarly, the difference being get_ added to the function’s name. For example: the_title(); and get_the_title(); The The use of the shorter version echoes the value. For example, if one were to use the following on this page: “The difference between get and the in […]

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